Leslie Anne AcklesLeslie Ackles

Leslie Ackles founded Oasis Consultant to help other women find the same inner peace she did, a place deep within she calls your inner oasis. Leslie has many life lessons to share with you. She negotiated work/life balance as a mother of six; survived and thrived in an empty nest, lost 35 pounds and overcame illness. She is well aware of the challenges women face and knows how much easier transitions can be with the support of a coach and other women who care.

Leslie Ackles directed and organized training programs for the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute for 26 years while raising six children. She has been a passionate advocate of work/life balance since she became a working mother in 1985. Through individual coaching as well as speeches and workshops, Leslie has helped many women find the balance between home and work life.  She has done this by sharing her strategies and the variety of work schedules she negotiated.

Leslie also overcame the pain and debilitating limitations of fibromyalgia, after being diagnosed in 2003, by applying her study of the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. Today, she remains symptom-free and is eager to teach you what she learned by practicing yoga, breath work, mindfulness, and proper diet, rest and exercise.

Leslie is a life-long learner. She completed the University of Massachusetts Medical School Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and recently completed her Congregational Health Ministries Certificate at Andover Newton Theological School. Leslie is also a certified trainer of “The Deep River Within” by Abby Seixas and a certified instructor of Yoga Dance. Leslie is currently in the process of becoming a certified Coach through The Coaches Training Institute. Leslie received a Masters degree in Education from Harvard University. She also has a BA in human development from University of California, Davis.