March 2018 Oasis Odyssey

by Leslie Ackles

My Guardian Angel


In New Zealand….hiking for four days on the Milford Track with my husband…. Day Two is the hike over McKinnon Pass…..and we wake up to RAIN….more Rain…..and yes, more Rain... All Day….NO VIEWS at the pass…..


Any Good News?  YES!  Waterfalls popping up everywhere – an almost 360 degree view of mountains raging with waterfalls that weren’t there 24 hours earlier.


Any Bad News?  YES! Some of those waterfalls now do their raging across our trail.


I came to the first one. The waterfall was 15 feet across and we were on 3 foot wide path with a 200 foot drop off.  My husband crossed. I was paralyzed with fear.  My husband shouted words of encouragement. He pointed from a distance to where I should step to make my way across. What I really ached for was to hold his hand and he was just too far away.


I whispered a quiet plea for help.


Help came in the form of a guardian angel. My guardian angel was a South Karean couple who spoke very little English. They hiked up behind me. The husband, using only one word “here”, and his walking stick pointed out where I should put each foot, one at a time, mind you in pouring rain!  Step: Tap….”here”…….Next Step: Tap….”Here”….. Tap….”Here” until I reached my husband and he could take over. When I took my last step I grabbed onto my husband who was standing as close as possible to the waterfall without being in it. We molded into one as I clung to him.


Then the joy…I did it!!!  I turned to thank my guardian angel but he was already gone.


So what did I learn?

When faced with paralyzing fear – ask for help.

Don’t be surprised by your guardian angel when he/she appears. It might not be the person or form you expected.


I was talking to a friend about this idea. She mentioned that a few years ago she went to a workshop offered by an intuitive. The only thing she remembered about the workshop was this: “We have guides around us always. The key is: you need to ask for their help in order for them to step forward.


Where are you experiencing paralyzing fear in your life? Consider asking for help….

and being open to whatever guardian angel appears.