September 2017 Oasis Odyssey

by Leslie Ackles

On the River, Thank you Comes in a Can!

“On the river, thank you comes in a can.” – Joey H.

How do you say thank you?


We recently went on a rafting trip with Sun Valley Adventures on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.


The trip of a lifetime!


On our second day on the river we came across a private river rafter who was horribly stuck on a huge boulder and could not break loose. One of the other adventure rafting companies observed, and then chose to drift past. I was so proud of our guides. They stopped and rigged up ropes to pull the private rafter off the rock. It took almost an hour and huge amounts of ingenuity and muscle.


This private rafter announced, when our guides arrived, that this same thing had happened to him last year, so this year he brought a gun! If he couldn’t get off the rock he would shoot the raft!  My response?  Maybe blasting away a problem that keeps coming back isn’t the way to go?  Maybe:

  • asking for help….
  • considering another path….
  • learning from past mistakes might be the answer?


Several days later, the man from the stuck raft came up to our guides handing each a can of beer to say thank you. Our guide, Joey, accepted one even though he was a Mormon, saying “on the river, a thank you comes in a can.” He planned to use that beer in the future as a thank you  - he would pass on the thank you.


It got me to wondering. How do we say thank you? What are all the ways we can say thank you?

  • A hug
  • A meal
  • A thank you note
  • Flowers
  • Saying a heartfelt “thank you”


Is there someone in your life that you have neglected to thank? Someone who helped you get unstuck? Someone who helped you to get off that boulder in your life and on your way?


What does your thank you look like? Why not, say thank you now?