Oasis Interludes

Life today can be over scheduled and overwhelming and start to feel as if there isn’t a moment of peace in our days. Oasis Interludes are a sought-after experience to help women discover an oasis of calm and clarity in the midst of their hectic lives.  This oasis jumpstarts the opening of space for women to reclaim their lives.

Oasis Interludes can be experienced in one of three ways:

  • Weekly 20 Minute Group Phone Interludes
  • Individual Phone Interludes
  • Interlude Recordings

Each Oasis Interlude includes sharing, a calming practice and journaling.


"How We Spend Our Days is, Of Course, How We Spend Our Lives." -Annie Dillard


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It is possible to live your dreams.







Sign up Now for: June Weekly Oasis Interludes

From the convenience of your home or office

Every Tuesday 12noon to 12:20pm

Oasis Interludes are over the phone and only 20 minutes long. But they fill a craving in women to discover an oasis of calm and clarity in the midst of their hectic lives. Once you experience the oasis of peace you won't want to leave. It is not only peaceful but you are fully present to your life. Say hello to who you really are and promise her that you will never abandon her again.

It is through your own oasis that you will discover how to fill your empty spirit with joy and passion.

When: Tuesdays 12noon - 12:20pm

Where: Phone Call from own home or office

Cost: May Only $19.99 for 4 Interludes

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