Oasis Coaching


Oasis Coaching

Oasis Coaching revolves around life-changing individual sessions with relaxation practices incorporated as part of the discovery process. With Oasis Coaching each woman begins to let go of preconceived rules and limitations and begins to step into creating a life that is centered on what truly brings her alive. Oasis Coaching taps into the secrets held within each woman, their oasis of wisdom that got lost along life's journey so they can awaken to their true selves.

If you are:

  • Experiencing  a loss...
  • Considering a change of job or career...                                          
  • Struggling with a relationship....
  • Or have been diagnosed with an illness...........

Oasis Coaching can walk with you to explore new ways to be in the world, powerful ways coming directly from what matters to you most. Oasis Coaching offers a bridge to your new life.

These sessions are offered on an individual basis in person or over the phone for either a half or full hour. Oasis Coaching includes the weekly 20 minute phone Oasis Interlude.


"It is Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been." - George Elliot

  • "I would absolutely recommend Leslie. Everyone should have a Leslie. Leslie is laser focused on how to help women discover ways to live more fulfilling lives. She is concerned with raising the happiness and joy levels of her clients. Many of us have so many claims on our time that we haven't paid attention to our own desires and needs for years.

    I sought out Leslie’s coaching when I became keenly aware that I was dissatisfied with too many commitments and didn’t have a clue about how to fix the situation. The top result is that I've come up with a Rule of 6 that limits my commitments to 6 major ones. What surprised me was that Leslie picked up the underlying lack of energy around a particular activity when I couldn't!"

    - Jean C.
    Concord, MA
  • "I am taking steps every Friday to learn the skills I will need in my dream career and things are really progressing…. I love it! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leslie, you helped me mend my Body, Mind and Spirit. Truly, if it weren't for you, all of these good things that are coming my way would not have happened. This is all because of you and I want to thank you so much!"

    - Diane R.
    Concord, MA
  • "Thank you so much for our coaching call yesterday. I so needed you to ask me those power questions and walk me through those first steps. So much came about as a result of the session, including insights before, during and after just by virtue of the space and intention we created. Since our session, I have focused almost solely on the work that has been hanging over my head and making me anxious all year. You know, it wasn't hard, it just required me to set aside time and be patient with the process. I'm so proud of myself. How's that for an unfolding based on only 30 minutes with you!!!"

    - Brenda F.
    Concord, MA